Miss James and the WI

Showing off their wares

Miss James founder of the WI on Canvey and the members showing some of their masterpieces from dresses to basket-making
Jennifer Walker

We do not have a date for this photo any ideas please? Can you name anyone in the picture. Miss James is the person in the middle just in front of the hedge.

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  • I remember Clara James Quite well,she was a friend of my mother who of course was a member of the womens institute.My ealiest memories of her date to when i was about four years old,as I remember I never saw her wearing anything except that hat and a tweed suit,She was a grand old lady.

    By Geoffrey Graydon (23/09/2013)
  • I think the lady in the hat,one of the pair at the front,is Mrs Bird or Byrd.Everyone called her lady bird,I wonder why.

    By Geoffrey Graydon (23/09/2013)
  • I’ve taken another look at this picture and think I recognise a couple more faces.the lady at top right in the spotted dress looks like Mrs Groves and the one in front of her in the black wtyh white collar and cuffs could be my grandmother A Annie Palmer.that would date it around 1942 or 3.

    By geoffrey Graydon (20/12/2013)

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