Painting by Dorothy Norman

Daughter of Kate Ellen Leach

Sent in by Norman Brand this painting was done by his mother Dorothy Brand nee Norman based on the postcard below dated 1947.

Norman says his Grandma (Kate Ellen Norman nee Leach) lived in the cottage on the right (see tall kitchen chimney) where she looked after her sister Alice Killingback.

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  • I have now found the address. It was 1, Paynes Cottages.

    By Norman Brand (03/08/2013)
  • For a time in the 1950s Auntie Alice, Fred’s elder sister, sat all day by the front window, which looked out on the High Street. I don’t know what was wrong with her but she was an invalid. She was a widow and always wore a black dress. Her younger sister, Kate Ellen, my grandma, was very much in charge. What I remember of 1 Paynes Cottages was how warm and snug it was and how sweet was its smell, slightly spicy. That sweet smell also evoked a sense of age, of years gone by. Perhaps it came from the wooden structure or the furnishing, or smoke from the fire, I don’t know. I loved staying there. Grandma’s boiled bacon and eggs for breakfast were delicious. I hadn’t had that dish before. Probably something to do with post war shortages. Occasionally Fred’s eldest brother, Great Uncle George would drop in. George Leach, was a silvery, stocky, rosy cheeked, genial old man and he chatted to me. Sometimes he gave me a shilling. The story was he had never married and had spent his life at sea.

    By Norman Brand (04/08/2013)

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