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When Paul Capser passed away in 1965, Winnie carried on entertaining the children of Canvey Island with the family Punch & Judy Show. Below are some Photos of Winnie in these golden times.

Capser Punch & Judy audience on Concord Beach – Are you here?

Winnie on the stall by the Capser Punch & Judy Show

The Full Story of Paul & Winnie Capser can be found HERE

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  • Yes this is ‘The Dak’ in Roggel Road

    By Joan Liddiard (24/07/2009)
  • Wonderful to have found this site. David can you help me further. My son works for a genealogist firm and a TV company is making a series on his firm.Coincidently he had Winnie for a party when he was 8 and he was the one involved in tracing her family when she died intestate. We did not take a photo when she came to our house for the birthday party (what terrible parents are we) and he is desparate to get hold of any photos of her with her punch and judy set up taken in the 1970s or 1980s. Would so much appreciate your help.

    By Laraine Avery (25/09/2009)
  • Update: The Capser’s are now not going to be included in the programme after discussions between the TV complany and a third party.

    By David Bullock (19/10/2009)
  • I lived opposite the Dak and used to watch Paul and Winnie load up the Puch and Judy equipment, then I would run up to the sea wall to watch the show. They used to keep a goat in the garden and sometimes let it graze in the road which was un-made.

    By Mick Thickbroom (11/12/2009)
  • I think the two lads on the front row at the right could be me and my younger brother Martin. This looks to be around 1957 ish. I would be interested to know the actual date?

    By john Bynorth (15/12/2016)

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