Old Character from years ago

Canvey Character

Nigger Adams.

Mr Adams was called this because they say he worked like a nxxxxx. He was a rough but determined man, who had made money. He used to say “It ain’t making money’s the problem: it’s holding’ onto it”.

He was a kindly man, who drove round the island in his Rolls Royce car. Everyone knew him, and called him that. His roller was disgusting inside due to him keeping his dogs in it, and not cleaning up all the fur that they shed.

He was prosecuted by the police for driving with excess alcohol in about 1971. He had been driving perfectly well, but very slowly, which caused the police to stop him and breathalyse him. He was represented at court in Southend by the local solicitor Vernon Frost. Frost secured an acquittal saying the police had no good reason to suspect alcohol when a person is just driving slowly. Nigger wasn’t sure that he had been acquitted, and said in Court where everyone heard “Have I got away with it, Bernon?” The latter is what he called Vernon. Everyone laughed.

Editor: The following is from an interview we had with Brian Cook.

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