1967 Brownies Revel

Which hall??

1967 Brownies revel
Phyllis Owens

Canvey Brownies, Phyllis made the boat and totem pole for their revel.

This picture was taken in 1967, Phyllis is not sure which hall and we cannot see anything in the picture to help us identify the place so if you know please comment below.

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  • I don’t know where that photo was taken but I remember the brownie standing in the entrance of the tee pee coming to our house to help make the totem pole. It had to be covered in paper mache and I think she got nearly as much paper on mum and me as on the pole!!!We also had sausages for tea!

    By kath danswan nee owens (23/02/2011)
  • Your mum did not tell me that part, thanks Kath for adding it to the comments. I have since found out where this was taken. I was recently given a picture inside the hall at Furtherwick Park School or Canvey Secondary as it was then called and straight away I recognised the very distinctive curtains. So that question got an answer.

    By Janet Penn (23/02/2011)

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