Canvey Guides annd Brownies Christmas Party 1965

St Katherine's Hall (Village Hall)

Phyllis is at the back just under the light
Phyllis Owens
This picture was published in the paper, Phyllis is second from left, showing some leg
Phyllis Owens

These pictures from Phyllis Owens collection were taken in 1965 in the Village Hall. The Brownies and Guides are all dressed, up including Phyllis, for the Christmas party.

The second picture was published in a local paper┬ábut Phyllis’ husband was not amused.

Do you recognise anyone if so please comment below.

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  • Mum is wearing my Southend High School uniform and my curls which had been cut off the year before. She dress up and I took her round to our neighbours house and introduced her as my new friend. Our neighbour actually didn’t recognise her at first and thought I had a weird friend. The picture later appeared in the local paper and my dad denied that it was his wife when someone mentioned it.

    By kathleen danswan /was owens (23/02/2011)

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