1 - List of Chairman of CIUDC

Canvey Island Urban District Council

In 1925 the County Council adopted a recommendation of a Local Government Committee recommending that the Parish of Canvey Island became an Urban District. In consequence the County Council made the necessary orders in consultation with the Minister of Health which Order was sealed in January 1926 and thus Canvey Island became formally constituted as a new Urban District. Their first meeting was held on 7 April 1926, the Coun­cillors being Messrs. Ansell, Bensley, Chambers, Delaway, Francke, Hartfield, Miss James, Leach and Thompson.

Councillor Harold J A Bensley:                  1926/1929

Councillor George H. J. Chambers:          1929/1930

Councillor Frederick J. Leach:                   1930/1934

Councillor George H. J. Chambers:          1934/1936

Councillor John E. Longman:                     1936/1938

Councillor Frederick J. Leach:                   1938/1939

Councillor George A. Pickett:                    1939/1941

Councillor Edward Rayment:                    1941/1944

Councillor Frederick J. Leach:                  1944/1946

Councillor Arthur C. Mason:                      1946/1947

Councillor George A. Pickett:                    1947/1948

Councillor Horace P. Fielder:                     1948/1951

Councillor Arthur C. Mason:                      1951/1952

Councillor Frederick J. Leach.                   1952/1953

Councillor Edward G. Nightingale:           1953/1954

Councillor Doris G. Elkington:                   1954/1955

Councillor Horace P. Fielder:                     1955/1957

Councillor Arthur C. Mason:                       1957/1958

Councillor Ernest Edward Norman:         1958/1959

Councillor Harry C. Whitcomb:                 1959/1960

Councillor George A. Pickett:                    1960/1961

Councillor George Herbert H. Prince:     1961/1962

Councillor George Blackwell:                   1962/1963

Councillor Sidney Alterman:                    1963/1964

Councillor Harry Whitcomb:                    1964/1965

Councillor George A. Pickett:                  1965/1966

Councillor George A. Pickett:                  1966/1967

Councillor George Blackwell:                 1967/1968

Councillor Roy Jones:                               1968/1969

Councillor Herbert A. Tibbles:               1969/1970

Councillor Brian A. Beasley:                  1970/1971

Councillor Wlliam H. Ashworth:           1971/1972

Councillor Donald E. Allen:                    1972/1973

Councillor Donald E. Allen:                    1973/1974

Details taken from ‘Urban District of Canvey Island 1926-1974 Official Guide.’

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  • I hope you don’t mind me pointing out that 1972/4 Chairman of the Council was not Dave E. Allen but Don E. Allen. How do I know? Well, it was (is) me. I now live in Leigh but keep in touch with what is happening on Canvey. If you want to confirm this, it is correct on the plaque of the opening of “The Paddocks” Many thanks.

    By Donald E Allen (10/08/2021)
  • Sorry Don. Thanks for the correction. No wonder I could not find much about you. I will change it forthwith. If you have any items/ stories we can use on the archive we would love to see them. Again apologies

    By Janet Penn (10/08/2021)

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