Fielder's Vision

Local Newspapers 1949

Canvey Vision To Rival Southend

Chelmsford Chronicle 13 May 1949

Plans for Canvey Island’s future prosperity, which will make it second only to Southend as a seaside holiday and industrial resort, were revealed by Mr. H. P. Fielder J.P, chairman of Canvey Council, at a press conference on Tuesday.

A plan to provide a five mile outer promenade on the sea wall was proceeding, he said, and Thorney Bay would be dammed to provide 30 acres of inland water, which would be “the centre of Canvey life” when the tide was out. Bandstands and a new pier were included

“Canvey Island” said he, “is the most go ahead place for its size in South -East England. In the next ten years it will be a wonderful place.”

Ministry permission was being sought for a £300,00 housing scheme to provide over 200 houses, shops and flats. The Council were unanimously supporting these development plans.


Essex Newsman 3 May 1949

Canvey Pier on the Way

First pile in Canvey’s new pier was driven on Friday. Lieut.-Col. H P Fielder, R.A., J.P., chairman of the Urban Council, who said it was the first step in a plan designed to bring millions of Londoners to Canvey.


Below is an aerial picture of the bay c1950s and the pool created by the damming of the creek. In the gallery are maps showing the differing features over the years. Can anyone please tell us when the pool area was filled in. Was it after the floods or when the newest wall was erected in the 80/90s. Please comment below.

Aerial picture of the bay showing the dam and the paddling pool.

The Pool area

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  • I used to go on holiday to Thorney Bay Camp from 1953 until 1959. I was born in1947. I remember there being the dam across the bay all the Summers that we were there. I hope this is helpful. Christine Aldridge

    By christine aldridge (10/05/2014)
  • It was when they installed the current seawall. They took the  wall deeper into the sea side creating the larger area where the wooden park now stands. The waters edge is where the dam used to run. Wooden posts can still be seen along the edge.

    By Joan Liddiard (14/01/2015)
  • When i was a child, the man who owned Thorney bay ( we only knew him as Fielder ) offered my Dad ( Thomas Ryley ) all the fields opposite the camp, dads reply was why would i need to buy fields ? If only !!!! but different times back then, those fields sold for millions, and im sitting here just wondering what might have been lol.

    By BRIAN KAVANAGH (11/01/2022)
  • That partial damming of Thorney Bay turned out to be a failure cos the tide didn’t flush the mud out properly and it just silted up! We used to dive in and then come out with a qualification for the Black & White Minstrels show. 😀G.

    By Graham (11/01/2022)

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