Where was Redman's

The Estate Agents

Where was Redman Estate Agents situated? Many of the older generation will know the answer to this. It was situation in Furtherwick Road on the left from Lionel Road going north. A large building but this is how it started off.


It gradually got bigger over the years. First going upwards.


Then spreading sideways.


You can clearly see the position in these aerial photos.

1949 A wide view of the plot

1949 A close up with the house can clearly be seen. The beginnings of Lionel Road near the bottom.

1951 You can see the beginning of Lionel Road and the new shops newly built that we know today.

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  • In the Planning documentation for REDMAN and Furtherwick Rd the following can be found:

    Sep 1929 – Roof Alterations
    Jan 1931 – Verandah Addition
    Feb 1931 – Garage
    April 1932 – Wooden Addition
    Feb 1934 – Brick Addition
    June 1937 – Brick Garage
    July 1937 – Brick Addition & Drains
    April 1939 – New Drains
    Jan 1946 – Reroofing
    April 1952 – Room addition
    Jan 1953 – Proposed Addition

    By Martin Lepley (26/01/2022)

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