Castleview, Jaarsburg Avenue

Matthias and Sophia Bragg's home

Castleview taken by Dave Bullock in 2009

Margaret’s grandfather’s bungalow taken by Vanessa Rolf 2009

Castleview in Tewkes Road (formally Jaarsburg/Jarlsberg Avenue) was a typical old Canvey bungalow. Timber built with outside stairs to the loft. Probably built in the 1920s (to be confirmed) but now sadly demolished.

Matthias and Sophia Bragg

We are looking at the bungalow because it belonged to a friend, the late Margaret Payne. It was the home of her grandparents Matthias and Sophia Bragg. Matthias and Sophia were both born in Bethnal Green but settled in Edmonton with their family and Margaret was born there.

We are not sure when they purchased the property as a holiday home but we know Margaret was on the island from an early age which would put it at approx the 1930s. They are not listed in the 1929 electoral register.  But they are in the 1939 register (see photo). We have photos of Margaret at her May Avenue home when she was about 5. The bungalow meant a lot to Margaret and she kept it alive long after their deaths in 1963 and 1957. It was full of surprises and lots of her husband’s paintings.

1939 Register

When we were part of Lucy Harrison’s Canvey Guides Art Project we would often end up at Castleview where Margaret would have a fire going and hot drinks and cake. See Dave Bullocks photos in the gallery below for an insight into the treasure trove that was Castleview.

Fire and cakes

Unfortunately the bungalow has now been replaced by houses or are they flats? Such a shame.

The same place today 2019

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  • Matthias and Sophie were not Margaret Payne’s parents they were her uncle and aunt. They were brother and sister to Maud, who was Margaret’s mother.

    By Sue Payne (daughter in law to Margaret) (09/11/2022)
  • Sorry Sue but if you read the article it says Grandparents not parents.
    The younger Matthias and Sophie lived in Ash Road.

    By Janet Penn (09/11/2022)
  • Planning for Castle View in Jaarlsburg Road (now Tewkes Rd) was approved 12 Sep 1930 to a Mrs S. BRAGG.

    By Martin Lepley (09/11/2022)
  • I remember going round there after one of Lucy’s walks . It was close to Christmas and Margaret had lit a fire, it was really cosy and seemed to have room for quite a few people! Thanks to the Archive for reminding us! Graham 😀.

    By Graham (10/11/2022)
  • Got photos from then too Graham. The fire is in one of the pictures above.

    By Janet Penn (10/11/2022)

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