David Cain RIP

Dave Cain (right) seen here with Steve Bullock

Very sad to heard of the passing of David Cain. I first met him years ago when I was involved with Lucy Harrison’s Canvey Guides project. He and Moira joined us on several occasions. Some of his stories are featured in Lucy’s book. It is a shame the recordings have been lost. Unfortunately several of the participants have now left us.

We have the family story on the archive, we arranged for a colleague to interviewed Dave. You can read about the Cain brothers on this link.

Rest in peace Dave gone but not forgotten.

Dave and Moira to the right seen on one of our walks for Lucy Harrison's Canvey Guides Project.

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  • RIP Dave Cain
    Our families go back a long way, his Nan, Mrs Fry used to work with my Mum (Green Stores, I think) and then in our Self-service shop in the 60s. Graham Stevens.

    By Graham (25/01/2021)
  • My memories of Dave go way back to when he worked in The Casino on the dodgems, I worked in the paybox, I was very young but he made sure none of the other lads working there gave me any trouble. Always the gentleman to me. RIP Dave.

    By Liz Swann (25/01/2021)
  • My dad David Cain was a wonderful man. Ex army soldier of The Royal Anglian Regiment. Who did boxing , which he loved. A gentleman and a good soul who cared. I have had great memories in my life even as a teenager with my mum Pat who sadly passed when I was 19 years old. Memories which I will treasure. He loved all his family, friends, going out on the boats that he had, were fun times. Having my step mum Moira in his life, also made him happy. He had a 20 enjoyable years with Moira. Dad enjoyed spending time with my uncle Michael Cain playing pool or snooker, when he could. One thing I won’t forget to his last words said “ Be strong we are Celtic’s “. Yes my dad was a strong tough man and fearless. I will love and miss him forever. Life won’t be the same without him. Maria Cain Dodsworth

    By Maria Cain Dodsworth (04/06/2021)
  • RIP Dave. My old Regiment and Battalion. Before my time, but knew Dave from the rock.
    Dave was well respected in the Royal Anglian Regiment especially for his talent of boxing. Still to this day his name pops up within reunions etc.
    Respect for you mate.
    Up the Old Red Roaster. All the 44’s The Pompadours. 🇬🇧💜. See you at the Re-Org in the sky mate.

    By Nick Austin (04/06/2021)

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