G.Prout and Sons Ltd

Boatbuilding on Canvey

The completed Boat ready for delivery, having been painted by Stan in the Paint Shop (Don left Wally right)

Don Rayner putting in the centre line to the newly moulded hull

I recently saw Ian Hawks memories on Prouts Enterprise, and I thought you may be interested in some additional photos and info.

I worked for Prouts for 7 years in the early sixties and knew all the staff shown in the photo.

I think I should add Wally Faber who was not mentioned, as he worked with me building the 20 ft. cruising cat.

Together we also built a Jetty to the rear of the Factory to access the deep water in the creek. As well as other enterprises.

As a point of interest, Dave Abbott shown in the staff photo between Frank Coleman and Mike Brown is my Nephew.

I hope the attached pictures of Wally and myself building the 20 ft cruiser may be of interest.

Don Rayner

Ian Hawks memories of Prouts can be found HERE

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  • Interesting to read Don’s comments and to see his photos.
    Have double checked with Francis Prout, and the catamaran in the photo is the first cruising cat that was built, the 27ft Ranger, subsequent Rangers were made in fibreglass, the mould having been taken from the original wooden one.

    By Ian Hawks (21/06/2008)
  • Just had a phone call from Francis, now that he has seen the photo he has said that the catamaran was in fact the first 19ft cruiser, which had a raising roof to give headroom when at anchor. Sorry about the error Don, put it down to a senior moment.

    By Ian Hawks (24/06/2008)

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