G.Prout & Sons LTD:

Price lists, Folding boats & Canoes, Catamarans

Craft built at the Point Road factory.

The picture on the right and featured in the leaflets in the gallery below is the Shearwater III Catamaran. The largest Catamaran Class in the world.

The leaflet goes on to say ‘fastest light sailing class afloat today’.

‘Kits Easy to build’.

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  • I should very much like to have scanned copies of these and other Prout documents, in particular those dealing with their kayaks/canoes. I used these craft between 1958 and 1963 when employed by PGL Voyages. My current interest is as researcher into canoe history for the Historic Canoe and Kayak Assn (www.hcka.org.uk)

    By tony ford (28/11/2010)
  • Interesting, will sort some out. PGL. I remember selling the first Prout canoes to Peter. Is the firm still going

    By Ian Hawks (30/11/2010)
  • Yes, PGL is still going, although Peter died in 2004. You will find a brief history on the company and of Peter at: https://www.pgl.co.uk/PGLWeb/ I did contact the company some time ago with a hope of getting some early photos but to no avail. I shall try again.

    By Tony Ford (01/12/2010)
  • Hi Tony

    I have a canvas canoe in reasonable good shape. (Water worthy)  The plaque inside reads…….G. Prout & Sons,  British made collectable boats,  Titcraft,  Canvey, Essex.  There is also a patent number but I need someone with better eyesight than mine to read it.   Interested in your comments.

    By Ann Isherwood (14/07/2017)
  • Hello

    I had a Prout folding dinghy which I converted to the sailing version with a gunter rig. It was red with the name Robin at Chapman sands sailing club.

    It went missing when I went off to sea in the 60s. Anyone know where it went ?



    It “disappeared

    By sparrow (18/07/2017)
  • Thanks to previous contributors of very interesting bits.

    I own an early 1960’s Prout folding dinghy 7’6″ complete with sails, dagger board,oars etc in blue canvas. All the rigging etc is original and still in workable condition.

    We bought it to use when touring in a Commer motor caravan up and down the West coast of Ireland in the 60’s. It has been in dry storage since about 1970 and is in remarkably good condition, a lick of varnish and maybe a new sail and she would be like new. Amazing how the plastic coated canvas has held up.

    By Nick Bowen (14/05/2018)

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