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Ian & Trevor. Outside the old farm barn at Small Gains.

When I joined the company at Small Gains Corner in the 1950s’ my workmates were Ron Gregg, Bob Rook, Fred Miles and Trevor Bloxham. Trevor had just finished his national service in the R.A.F.

Later when the factory moved into new premises at the Point Trevor’s father came to work for us part time.

Mr.Bloxham had served in the Merchant Navy in c 1914 and had spent time in a prison of war camp after his ship was sunk. On his release he joined the Police force and was a local Bobby on Canvey before his retirement.

Trevor had a Son who joined the Police Force and I believe was stationed at Hadleigh for a while.


Ian Hawks.

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  • After moving to Canada in 1953 I spent 19 years in Winnipeg Manitoba but moved on to British Columbia. It was in the town of Squamish in 1976 that I came into contact with a Trevor Bloxham who was an R.C.M.P police officer.!!! Can anyone tell me whether it could be the same T.Bloxham mentioned in the Prout employee comment.?? Gerald Hudson

    By Gerald Hudson (20/10/2012)
  • Gerald, I do not think it could be the same Trevor Bloxham as around that date he would still be working at Prout’s with me. Unfortunately Trevor died at a young age. Ian

    By Ian Hawks (20/10/2012)
  • Hi Ian. Thanks, but it was my mistake I looked back at that period and it was a William Bloxham that I had met during my stay in Squamish B.C, but thanks for your comment. Gerald Hudson

    By Gerald Hudson (21/10/2012)
  • Imagine my surprise to see the photos of my father and grandfather! Trevor Bloxham did indeed have a son, Mark, who joined the Police Force at the age of 18 and who has recently retired from the Force. Mark, who is the spitting image of his father, has two sons George and Henry, to carry on the family name. I, too, have two sons Jack and Tom, who are also Bloxham’s because I coincidentally married someone with the same surname! Mark will remember our father’s days at Prout’s far more than me. Sadly Trevor did die a young man (Mark and I were about 15 and 12 at the time) but to this day he is never far from our thoughts. We also sadly lost our mother, Judith, a year ago and can only hope that they are now reunited in a better place. Would love the opportunity to chat further! Lindsay

    By Lindsay Campbell (11/02/2013)
  • Hi Ian, You were correct, I did join Essex Police and retired two & a half years ago. Living in Rayleigh now, so not gone too far. Hope you’re well, I remember working for you during the school holidays when I was about 13, at Halcon.

    By Mark Bloxham (11/02/2013)

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