Prout 46 catamaran

History of a Prout 46 catamaran built at Canvey Island.

I am the owner of a Prout 46 catamaran built on Canvey Island in 1999. The original name of the boat was Porcelain Bus and is now Mushroom. The Prout company has since closed and I would like to find the history of my boat and it occurred to me some of your readers may have worked for Prout and may be able to assist. I was originally from Essex but now live in Western Australia, where I enjoy sailing this unique boat, no other boat builder has successfully copied the Prout design and it is sad the company is no longer building boats. 

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  • Hi Bruce, we have seen your beautiful boat for sale, although I can’t answer your question here, I am searching for more information about the Prout 46, as we would love to be the owners of your boat!! We are originally from Kent and now live on the Gold Coast Australia.

    By Paula Purser (21/04/2022)

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