Staff at Prouts

Lent to us by Jeff Nevett

Outside the Joinery department at Prouts
Jeff Nevett

This picture came from Jeff Nevett who worked as a chippy for Prouts for 26 years.

Do you remember this picture being taken, are you in the picture or can you name some of the others. Please comment below.

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  • I recognize most of the faces but do not remember the names,. Happy days

    By Ian Hawks (15/11/2011)
  • Does anyone remember Robbie Rook who lived on Canvey and used to make hollow spars and oars for the Prout brothers.

    By Colin Mackenzie (06/09/2012)
  • Remember him well, working in one of the barns at Small Gains corner for G. Prout and Sons in the 1950’s. I was in the main factory, an old bus station building folding boats and canoes. When the factory moved to the Point R.Rook carried on in his own home workshop, oar and spar making. Many years later heard that he was working as a gardener.

    By Ian Hawks (07/09/2012)
  • Hello Ian I worked at Prouts in the 60s, but where was the old bus garage you mention? Regards

    By sparrow (07/09/2012)
  • It was the main factory at Small Gains Corner, see photo in “Ian Hawks Memories”.

    By Ian Hawks (07/09/2012)
  • yes,from right geoff lamude,2nd dnt know spanish Francis?(3rd)carolone asher,phil browning,john ruffles,gail monk,trevor,dave abbott,john lagden,eric sheridan,ron,last guy dnt know

    By nigel (02/12/2012)
  • Hello I think the chap in the middle with stripy jumper is Derek Gully Regards

    By Robin Howie (04/12/2012)
  • Remembering all the names now.thanks everyone.

    By ian Hawks. (04/12/2012)
  • Hello, does anyone remember my niece, who worked in the company office during the late 1950’s? Initially her name was Christine Harrison, becoming Smith after marriage. The group photograph above is undated so I had wondered whether the woman at the centre could be her, (obviously not if Nigel is correct.) I owned and badly raced Shearwaters at Chapman Sands Sailing Club for some years during the time when John Fisk did so much to raise awareness of fast cats with our challenge to the Americans in the scary C class.

    Les Tyler


    By Les Tyler (08/10/2014)
  • I am trying to trace a relative who would have worked in the joinery team at Prout’s around 1961. He would have been in his late teens and was probably known as ‘Spanish Francis’. Any information of where he is now would be greatly appreciated.

    By Richard Dent (09/03/2016)

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