Wallace Feber and Prouts the Boat Builders.

Freda Feber collection

Wallace Feber in the white cardigan (knitted by Freda).

Wallace Feber worked as a carpenter joiner at Prout’s boat builders from 1960 for about 5 years before setting up his own business with  partners Eric Birch and Peter Carter in Shoeburyness. Peter and Eric built the boats while Wallace made all the interiors including the ribs and furnishings such as built in cupboards. Freda his wife would often go and help him with painting and varnishing the boats. The business flourished until 1985 when a huge fire unfortunately put an end to it.

In 1985 Wallace went back to Prouts to work on the ‘Champagne Mumm’ which was a large, prestigious catamaran being built in a workshop at Charfleets. Amongst other things he helped build the ribs. When that job came to an end Wallace started doing domestic carpentry and joinery.

All the photos here are courtesy of Freda Feber’s private collection which she very kindly allowed us to scan. Sadly Wallace is no longer around to tell us who the people in the pics are, so if you recognise anyone or you’re in any of them we’d love to hear from you.

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  • The young man in the pic that is on the Right of Dave Abbot’s pic, is, I’m pretty sure, Laurence Unstead.

    By Steve Licence (13/07/2023)
  • In the cockpit picture my uncle Dave Bown in the white shirt.

    By Sue Constable( De’Ath) (07/08/2023)

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