Lee Brilleaux 2010 Memorial

1 - The Annual Walk

Down by the Jetty

Every year Dr Feelgood manager Chris Fenwick holds a memorial gig at the Oysterfleet Hotel in memory of Lee Brilleaux. All proceeds go to ‘Havens Hospice at Home’. This year the event was held on Friday 7th May 2010. The day starts with a walk around Canvey Island and this year Chris arranged two old busses from the Castle Point Transpot Museum to take the visitors to Canvey’s new RSPB site at Canvey Wick. Here we were met by a TV crew filming for a program going out on the BBC in autumn. The Dr Feelgood fans were led by Chris through the Wick to the Sea Wall where we walked past the Oil Refineries to the Lobster Smack Inn. After Chris showed the setting for Dr Feelgoods’ first album Down by the Jetty, a red bus picked us up and took us on a tour of Canvey stopping at the next stop Canvey Heights. If you were on the walk please add a comment below!

Below are a set of photographs following the walk.

A Bus trip from the Oysterfleet Hotel to the new Canvey Wick RSPB site

Click below to continue the tour. I have added a separate page including the completion of the Walk at the Canvey Club HERE. A page of videos of the days events and the evening concert is HERE, a page of Photos of the evening concert is HERE.

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  • Great pictures Dave. Which ones you? The one with the waggly tail?

    By cia parker (09/05/2010)
  • Since 2001 I come every year to Canvey Island and this was my first walk and I like it. Next year again(I hope). Very nice fotos ,its good to see every body back. gr Andre (one of the dutch guys )

    By Andre Pietersma (11/05/2010)
  • We were not on the walk but would like to next year and to go to the concert. My husband has been a Dr Feelgood fan for many years and having seen the documentary on TV is very keen.

    By Alison Bridge (04/06/2010)
  • I have recently rediscovered this great band – who I was lucky enough to catch 3 times in 75/76. I am determined to make the memorial weekend + walk and anything else available in 2011. Love the oil ‘film’, but have only managed to watch it 9 times to date…….rock on guys.

    By Jerry Roberts (19/09/2010)
  • What’s on tap for 2011? Any Events? Thanks……..God Keep Lee

    By Arvid Smith (16/11/2010)
  • 5th may we are back on canvey island. for all of you a FEELGOOD 2011

    By Andre Pietersma holland (26/12/2010)
  • 2012 We are coming back to canvey island ,for the Lee Brilleaux memorial ,and is it Southend airport or Lee Brilleaux dr feelgood airport ??? tell me gr fro Andre holland

    By Andre Pietersma (05/04/2012)
  • 2012. I’m coming down for the week. Can’t wait! It’s 50 years to month since my family left the Island and moved up to Norfolk in 1962. Looking forward to meeting everyone.

    By George Smith (05/04/2012)
  • Hi again George: Another coincidence, not only do we have a Pitsea and The Parkway Canvey Island connection but my ancestors came from Norfolk and some of my present family live there now.

    Also as a matter of interest, the discoverer of my present home, Vancouver Island, British Columbia was Capt. Vancouver, and he was born and is buried in Norfolk.!!! Enjoy your trip back to Canvey. Gerald Hudson

    By Gerald Hudson (06/04/2012)
  • Hi Gerald, I have to say how I’ve enjoyed reading your Canvey memories particularly the wartime ones from the Parkway/ Driveway area. I spent my the first 5yrs at 21 the Driveway from 1942 so I was app 3yrs when the War ended but my earliest memories are nearly all of that area and include the sound of the ack-ack guns opening and being brought indoors when that happened and my Dad going outside at night to listen if the Doodlebug engine stopped. The Sickelmore kids lived on the opposite side of the road as well as a girl called Margaret(surname ?) all of whom, I believe are still around on the Island.

    By coincidence, I note that you now live on the somewhat larger and somewhat more beautiful Vancouver Island, a place I had great pleasure in visiting for just 2wks in 1991, even in that time spent with friends who live there we became under the spell of Victoria B.C. Wonderful place!!

    Here’s the biggest coincidence, I don’t know if you are aware of the link between this little island in the Thames and that large one on the W.coast of Canada, that being the good ship Tilikum, the converted First Nation war canoe which under Capt Voss sailed from Victoria and half circumnavigated the world and after it’s epic voyage spent a good few ears resting in the mud of Smallgains Creek(c.1911) from whence by some means it completed it’s journey to end up in the Canadian National Maritime Museum in Victoria B.C.
    Regards Graham.

    By Graham Stevens (08/04/2012)
  • Hi Graham: Thanks for your comment regarding my Canvey Memories. It gave me quite a feeling to know that, folks who lived just a few hundred yards from me during those traumatic times on Canvey, are still around and able to connect through this great Canvey Archive site. I knew all of the Sickelmores, we were good friends and went through lots of experiences together.!! Regretfully,I didn’t maintain contact with those friends or with my work colleagues at the local Gas co. after leaving Canvey in 1953……a dreadful mistake on my part.!!

    Glad you enjoyed your visit to Vancouver Island and it’s great scenic beauty. I live in a in a small village called Qualicum Beach, about mid Island and only a few hours drive from Victoria. Thanks also for the reminder about the Tilikum, yes, quite a story and connection to Essex. The name Tilikum appears all over Vancouver Island and even locally.
    Gerald Hudson

    By Gerald Hudson (09/04/2012)

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