Which Farm?

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Come on have a guess. Which farm do you think this is? I suspect it is one close to the seawall. Please comment below.

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  • Is it sluice farm in Haven road.

    By Jenny (11/06/2020)
  • I think it is Small Gains. What looks like the seawall is the old High Street before it was lowered. There were never any trees against the seawall as this would have damaged it.

    By Rod Bishop (11/06/2020)
  • I think this is the one near the bridge to Benfleet.
    Passed it meant times on our way as children to play on Benfleet Downs.Never knew it name.
    I think I can see the downs in the background.

    By Jenny Oates (11/06/2020)
  • It is not Sluice or Waterside farms

    By Janet Penn (11/06/2020)
  • Theobald’s farm

    By Tracey MacKay (11/06/2020)
  • Scar farm behind the Lobster Smack.

    By Jill Blackwell (12/06/2020)

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