Updated - NOT Victims of the East End Blitz

Buried at Willow Cemetery

We have now been very reliably informed that victims of the Blitz are not buried here. We were told the cross that is on the memorial is not there officially. Interned here are remains from a site in London and were brought here in 2008.

More information will be added when we have it.

Janet Penn

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  • I thought we also Had some of the Passed away People from London that Passed away with the Plague which was Found when they was doing a Big dig I am sure it was said back in the day That they all came down to Canvey Island as was all Buried in one Long Mound at Willow Cemetery Northwick Road Canvey Island But was Not going to Have any thing to ID their Mass Grave. So what Happend to them As I remember reading The storry about This and thing Poor People after all theses years They Have to be all dug up again and Buried Mils away from where they Lived all Because they wanted to Build another very Tall Building

    By Vera (05/05/2021)
  • We are currently trying to find out the answer to that very question Vera.

    By Janet Penn (06/05/2021)
  • Thank You
    I could be wrong and it is the One that You Have photos of but would be nice to think if what I throught was right then would be good if they has some sort of a Little Plaque so Thank You for Checking out for me

    By Vera Martin (07/05/2021)
  • Apparently the remains in this grave are from Southwark. I have more details and will update soon Vera. We also have the details re the other mass grave which apparently should have had a memorial on it by now but the pandemic has held things up. They are hoping it will be done later this year.

    By Janet Penn (07/05/2021)

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