Salvation Army

Anyone know the date

Can you name anyone in this picture of the Salvation Army on Canvey

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  • The lady in the mac, 2nd left, is my Auntie Blossom, what she was doing at the Salvation Army I’ve no idea but she was truly inter-denominational, looking after Whittier Hall, on occasions joining the congregation at the Baptist Church and it is said in her more youthful times ringing the bell at St Annes. Auntie Blossom passed away in 1967 so we reckon this photo was taken c 65/66.

    By Graham Stevens (22/06/2013)
  • This is definitely late 70’s or early 80’s. the Sweeney family are in it, as is Marie Juler, Lena Lemon, and Beattie Messenger, Chris Palmer and Major Dunn. I’ve forgotten others names.

    By lisa hope (18/10/2014)
  • Third left is Mrs Orr my friends mum. Also third right back row is my friend Val ( sorry cannot remember surname).

    By Anne Hurd (01/08/2016)
  • I am Sarah (Broom) the blonde girl in the front. Val is my mum (Valerie Curl nee Broom) sadly she has passed away. As have many of the dear people in this photo. I think the photo maybe from 1980 or 81.

    By Sarah nadir (09/05/2020)

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