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We have been contacted by Sr Barbara Jeffery, a Sister of Mercy, from Institute of Our Lady of Mercy who have owned the Convent of Mercy since 1950. The sisters left several years ago and the building has since been used as a Diocesan Youth Centre.

The Youth Centre are now leaving and the property will be sold. In a quiet corner of the grounds is a small enclosed cemetery, which I know will be no surprise to some of you as I was told about it some years ago. The cemetery is home to 16 metal crosses which show where the Anglican nuns from the Society of the Good Shepherd, who founded the original Convent in 1920, are laid to rest. Unfortunately six of the crosses have no surname. The Sisters of Mercy have asked if we can help. So far nothing is showing up with the names we have been given. Some of those names may well be the names given to the sisters when they took their vows.

The aim of the Sisters of Mercy is to replace the metal crosses with two memorial plaques but they would really like to have the full names and dates of birth of all the occupants. We know it is a long shot but if anyone out there has any knowledge and can help please either contact me direct at cca@canveyisland.org or comment below.

The names we are trying to identify are as follows:-

Mother Foundress Janet Mary (Superior from 1909 – 1938) died 7 April 1938

Sister Mary Fidelia – Anchoress died 22 Oct 1936

Sister Margaret died 27 March 1933

Sister Scholastica died 19 June 1936

Sister Emily died 11 May 1934

Sister Grace died 14 March 1937

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  • Could father Eaimon help, may be some church records at Our Lady

    By Sharon cook (18/02/2018)
  • They were Protestant/Anglican Nuns, Sharon. The Catholic, Sisters of Mercy, who now own the building did not take it over until after the war. That is who is asking the questions.

    By Janet Penn (18/02/2018)
  • The hunt continues to identify the Sisters from the Anglican Convent who are buried on the site. Of the six we have identified 4. But the last two are proving to be elusive. Sister Barbara from the Catholic Sisters of Mercy is trawling through the death registers for the time period. I have been trying to find the Convent records. These too seem to be elusive.

    I traced them through the National Archives who have them registered as deposited at the Elmore Abbey. Unfortunately the monks at the abbey sold up some years ago and moved to Salisbury. I eventually tracked them down and sent an email enquiring about the records of the Convent. Unfortunately Prior Simon has no recollection of them but said they might be with the Elmore Abbey records at another Abbey near Reading where they hold the records for Elmore. This Abbey holds the records of many Anglican monasteries and convents that no longer exist. So the hunt goes on……..

    By Janet Penn (10/04/2018)

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