The Derek Morgan Room

at St Anne's 1985

Getting the keys
Echo newspaper group and the Rayleigh Town Museum

We do not know the story behind this photo. All we know is as follows:-

On the back of the photo it says Canvey – Derek Morgan Loan and the word keys.

We know the building was in the grounds of St Anne’s Church and we believe it was originally for children’s groups etc. We are assuming one of these gentlemen is Derek Morgan please correct us if incorrect.

Can anyone tell us more???

If you were there or if you recognise anyone please comment below.

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  • The man on the left is Rev Geoff Catchpole. We were one of the first mother toddler groups to meet there.  I am 1st right with my son Nicholas and Sylvia Catchpole and her son are 2nd right.  Not sure who anyone else is though!!

    By Tinastanley. (06/02/2017)
  • I am Derek Morgans granddaughter, the story is right but unfortunately that photo isn’t of my grandad. 

    By Laura Morgan (23/02/2017)

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