Saint Katherines Church

Post Cards of St Katherines Church in the Village

Saint Katherines Church was built further back than an earlier English Church on the site, before that there was a Dutch Chapel run by the early Dutch Settlers in the 1600’s. Replaced by St Nicholas Church in Long Road, it fell into decay until it was taken over by an Arts & Crafts Centre.

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  • I wonder if there are any pictures of the church hall which was opposite, presumably where the school was and roughly where the car sales is currently. We used to use it for cubs in the 1950’s (Second Canvey).
    The vicarage was down Haven road. At least it was in the ’50s and ’60s when Rev. Fleetwood lived there.

    By Ralph (11/04/2008)
  • Didn’t Mr Harry Bateman have the plot of land next to the church, I think he was in the funeral business.

    By Val Court (05/11/2014)
  • Harry Bateman was the funeral director for Stibbards which I think was the only funeral company on the Island in the fifties. He worked out of a bungalow (which could have been his home) on the High Street near Rainbow Avenue. A lovely man.


    By Maureen Buckmaster (08/11/2014)
  • Harry Bateman was a blacksmith and funeral director in the 1950’s. He had premises next to the church, where the Chapel of Rest now stands. I think the one on the High Street near Rainbow Ave was Alden’s, rebuilt in the early 1980’s, but I don’t think it was there in the 50’s.

    By michael swanson (09/11/2014)

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