Kynoch Hotel Proprietors

From Kelly's Directories

Kynoch Hotel Proprietors etc as shown in Kelly’s Directory

Year.     Publican or other Resident.
1906.    Mrs. Annie L. Bee
1908     Mrs. Annie L. Bee/Manageress
1910     James Went/Manager
1912.    James Went/Manager
1914.    James Went/Manager
1917.    Douglas Hemus/Manager
1922.    Edward Hibbert Swift
1925-6  George Kirby
1929.    Mrs Esmé Fraser/Proprietress
1933.    Mrs Esmé Fraser/Proprietress

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  • July 1923, reported in a local newspaper:

    “Capt. Kirby, the new proprietor of the Kynoch’s hotel”

    By Martin Lepley (19/11/2017)

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