Marlborough Hotel

Very good clear photo of the Marlborough. Not sure of the date but it is in very good condition so I would think quite early.

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  • It is so nice to see a clear close up picture of this hotel as that is how I remember it. I lived there in possibly 1948-1950, I think I was 4 or 5 years old and was fostered by a lady named Ann who owned the hotel and whose grown up daughter Eileen also lived there. Their surname may have been Everett? I think I was there for 2 years. I remember running across the road (very little traffic then) and over a hump and was amazed to see so much water! I had never seen a beach before. In 1953 after the flood and now living with my parents on Canvey, I went back to Marlborough House Hotel to see ‘Auntie Annie’ & Eileen but only saw Auntie Annie who seemed to be living in one of the rooms and said someone else owned the hotel now. These are all quite vague memories now 74 years on!

    By Sheila Osborne nee Offley (14/05/2022)

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