Goldmine Nightclub

The 1970s

Here is a photo of a badge from the Goldmine club – this dates from the late 1970s and measures about 9 cm across.

This club was famous for the soul music played there and the DJ Chris Hill, who had a couple of top ten hit singles in the mid-1970s.

There are a number of videos on youtube featuring the Goldmine.


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  • I am Chris Hill’s cousin but have only met with him on one occasion. During my first trip back to England from Canada I went to see my uncle Bob Hill and met my cousin Chris. It was in 1969 and he, (Chris) was just a teenager. We only stayed over for one night and as my uncle was quite ill at the time, so he suggested that we go to a youth centre nearby where Chris was to play records for the kids in attendance so that they could dance. Perhaps this was the early start of his “Disc Jockey” career.!!! I didn’t have any further contact with Chris after that and didn’t know anything about his outstanding career until my Daughter Annette sent me a newapaper clipping which told all about his rise to fame etc. I am still not in touch with him and don’t know his whereabouts either, it was so interesting to listen to him in the videos on the “Goldmine night club” page, and especially the interview with a media person. He seemed like quite the entertainer. Gerald Hudson.

    By Gerald Hudson (08/11/2012)
  • Gerald, there is more on Chris Hill and The Goldmine on the old Canvey website with photos and written articles, I am sure you will find them interesting.

    By Brian Longman (08/11/2012)
  • Hi Brian: Thanks for y0ur comment, I went to the old Archive site and read with interest the history of the Goldmine Night Club. When I saw that it was developed at the Bay Country Club some memories came back to me about the period at the Club circa 1948-1952. My father, Alan Hudson was the pianist in a dance band called “The Nightspots” and they played at the club on weekends. They played popular music but often gave us some good old Dixieland and jazz numbers for the “Jitterbuggers”. I think that my cousin Chris and I would have got along well as I too love the early blues and New Orleans style music. Hope this is of interest to you. Gerald Hudson

    By Gerald Hudson (08/11/2012)
  • Paul Diamond was the first DJ at the Goldmine. He was there from the opening

    By Kay Morrissey (22/03/2020)

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