Dating the Admiral Jellicoe

We have often been asked when was the Jellicoe built. We had managed to pin it down to the 30s but not a definitive date but now thanks to the National Brewery Trust we can.

The large site was bought in 1930 for £6,325 part of the site at Winterswyck was sold off in 1965. The new licence was issued in 1930/31. Building cost was £14,258 and the architect was Furnell. The pub opened it’s doors for the first time on the 21st May 1931.

The pub had a tenancy and the first landlord was Henry Challis who held the tenancy for £100 presumably a year increasing to £400 in 1934 until 1937. According to the amount of draft and bottles delivered during that time the business continued to expand.

W A Wilson in 1938 and W Jennings 1939-55. Coles Taverns owned it from 1956-62.

Information taken from documents held by the National Brewery Heritage Centre.

Taken in 1937
Taken in 1936

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  • On 14th Feb 1930, Messrs Charrington applied to build a Hotel, and on 14th March 1930 some other additions.
    In 20th Feb 1931, Messrs Charrington applied for Sew. Purification plant and 20th May 1932 a store shed.
    Some brick additions in 6th March 1935.

    By Martin Lepley (03/05/2021)
  • W Jennings 1935-55 was my great grandfather

    By Matthew Kirby (29/01/2022)

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