Two photos of the Beach House

taken at the same time.

They give a good overall picture of the area at the time.

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  • I lived in Edina bungalow, Westcliff Gardens,from 1942 till 1957. My family were MR AND MRS B,T, Cook. My father worked for the gas company and I can tell you the truth I lived on the mud flats as a boy they were my playing fields.

    By BEN COOK (30/11/2021)
  • Hi Ben,
    Although you probably don’t remember me, as I was few years younger, I remember you and your Dad very well. I thought you worked for the Gas Board as well.
    One story you might be able to confirm was that you lost your head of dark, curly hair and became completely bald but then miraculously it came back, just as luxuriant, dark and curly as before! Is this true and if so have you still got any left? Regards Graham Stevens.

    By Graham (01/12/2021)
  • Hello Graham, So nice to hear from you the hair still there but change colour. For the last twenty years we have lived in France but still miss the old Canvey, not the same any more, my last card to Terry went to Tenerife, it is very interesting reading some of the tales that the new generation write.
    my old Pop race pigeon with your G/Father. I will be back to you . regards Ben

    By BEN COOK (03/12/2021)
  • Hi Ben
    That was my Dad, Aubrey that used to race pigeons. I am 79 now so probably just a bit younger than you! After mentioning Terry and Tenerife I remembered that he actually owned a property out there, in Los Christianos , I think.
    Glad you picked up my posts and enjoy the memories on the Archive site. Regards Graham.

    By Graham (03/12/2021)

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