What a great find

Penny machine from the Casino

This great photo was sent in by Chris Morrison from across the pond. I am sure it will bring back a lot of memories. Please comment below.

You would need some of these……….

Chris says: Hello, This is a machine that is in my collection and I was looking for any history that you might have on this wonderful machine. Thank you, Chris Morrison, PP Tiburon Sunset Rotary Club California.

Some additional information from Chris: It was made around 1930, and had many 1967 new large pennies in the back.

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  • I, like many other from the Island, probably played on that very same machine.

    Although decimalisation had already occurred in the UK in 1971, the machines still took the old style pennies. We had to go to the change teller to exchange our New Pence to Old money.

    My Brother and I had a coin collection that was made mainly from the coins from these machines. There was always much excitement when we won a penny with Queen Victoria on it.

    By Martin Lepley (01/05/2021)
  • I often wonder what happened to all the penny slot machines, from the Casino great memories.

    By Brian Mackney (01/05/2021)

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