Canvey Farms Survey Map 1940-41

Donated by Ray Woodberry

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This is a very interesting map showing the farms plus associated fields that were scattered around the island and their owners during the war years.

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  • Hello Janet ,
    How interesting to see the farm survey map for Canvey .
    I have had the occasion to order a Map of the National a Farm survey of a local area that I’m interested in from the National Archives
    Each numbered farm has a detailed survey to accompany the map .
    It includes the Farmers name his acreage how much he owned and how much he rented .
    What animals what accommodation or cottages .
    The way the farm was run ,what condition it was in and the condition of the connecting roads and transport links and what the farm would be able to produce for the war effort .Also whether the farm was owned by the farmer or tenanted .
    It makes a fascinating read .

    By Jane Parkin (05/06/2020)
  • That sounds interesting Jane. Must put it on my ever increasing list of things to look at. Hope are all ok.

    By Janet Penn (05/06/2020)

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