Hester's Working Map

Dated 1904

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This is a copy of Hester’s Working Map dated 1904. It shows the Estates or Parks he was planning also his Winter Gardens and the route of his Tramway. You can also see the Jetty to the South was clearly meant to reach the Chapman Lighthouse, it was only ever about half that length.

To the North you can see his Tramway had a branch line from Small Gains going North and crossing the Ray to the wharf at Hadleigh Marsh then following the railway to Leigh.

Many of the estates were built according to his street plans, some many years after he went bankrupt. Some of the roads taking on the names of the parks can still be seen today.

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  • When my parents had our bungalow built in Wamburg Road, they always refered to the area as Kloster Park and used it on letters etc. My mother also used to tell me that a road was to be built across to the downs but that the people who lived nearby on the other side didn’t want it. Looking at the map it appears Hester’s railway would have gone along Hassell Road and continued through Holbeck Road before cutting through to reach Station Road. It’s a fascinating map.

    By Maureen Buckmaster (30/04/2013)
  • I’ve always had an interest in disused railways and in particular those that fail to be documented. I remember reading some thirty odd years ago in an old library book that Canvey Island had an operational railway that was built, operated and shut many years ago. I believe it was shut even before WWII. That is why there is a Station Road on Canvey Island. It was not a tramway or light railway; it was a full size public rail service. Even the author of the old book gloated that most contemporary books on the subject omitted this long lost railway. Even ‘Jowetts’ misses it. I notice that recent reports on the subject deny that the railway existed. I wish I could remember the book’s name. It’s account of the railway was quite authoritative.  

    By B Haines (21/01/2015)

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