29 Westman Road 'Palmeria'

29 Westman Road

The property above was built for my family the Angersteins, Mr Charles Palmer paid for the property to be built. The Property was called Palmeria possible as part of Mr Charles Palmer name. It is uncertain if they rented it or they owned it but documents suggest that they were not there long possibly only one year. Originally the property had a veranda running along the top which has now been removed and it has a enclosed porch now which was not there originally. Myself and Richard Angerstein who was 90 at the time visited the premises and was invited inside by the owner. Mr Angerstein lived in this property when he was 10 years old. Other members of the family that lived here were, Peggy Angerstein (married Ernie Martin) Elsie Angerstein (my mother) Arthur Angerstein, Sylvia Angerstein and Cyril. They all slept in the tiny back bedroom that was by the kitchen. There was only one bedroom at the front at the time and their parents slept there. Only minor changes have been made to the premises one being the kitchen slightly extended and i think a alteration to the loft area. It really was like walking back through a time tunnel.

You can see more photos of the property here

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  • The recorded name of the owner when the planning was approved was Evans in September 1936.

    In 1939 Mr Albert T. Angerstein and Florence Angerstein were living there.

    In July 1946 a Mr C. PALMER applied for additions

    By Martin Lepley (05/05/2020)
  • Thank you Martin that is very interesting so do you think that Mr Evans was the owner whilst building and then sold onto Mr Palmer who then let the Angersteins live there? I wonder when planning was approved and the property was actually built? The story has always been through the years that Mr Charles Palmer had it built for them at the cost of £200, this may in fact not be accurate. My uncle who is almost 91 who lived there when he was 10 has been asking questions about the premises and how they come to live there and how come they moved after a year. Can you advise if information about planning and building of the property is available online. I research family history and it is all so interesting. Thank you Martin for your interesting comment.

    By Mary Stone (07/05/2020)
  • I have access to the Index to the Building plans. The plans themselves are in the Essex Record Office. If you inspect the plans (after Covid-19 lockdown) you might be able to find more out. They have not been scanned. The approval date was 2-September 1936, and planning reference number 3440, and the addition was in 16th July 1946, reference number 4908.
    These plans will be part of a bigger box but the staff at the Essex Record office will know how to gain access.

    EVANS also owned another property down the same road (Leander) so I do not know if this person is a builder or what. It is of course a possibility that Evans was a builder or agent working on behalf of others.

    There is quite a gap between 1936 (planning approved) and your family definitely living there (1939) and quite odd that they only lived there for one year.

    The Essex Record office will also have a document called the “Poor Rate” book. This lists all the properties, who owned them, who occupied them as well as ratable value etc. I have copies of many but not this late. This will possibly prove, or disprove, the family tradition that it was built for the family.

    Where did the family move to next? Do you have the property name and road?

    By Martin Lepley (07/05/2020)
  • In January 1940 they are living at 9 Rainbow Avenue as confirmed on a birth certificate of one of their children . Then in April 1941 they are living at 16 The Drive way canvey island as confirmed on their next childs birth certificate. Then in 1942 they moved to leigh on sea and then returning to live at Grangeville Clarendon Avenue on the corner of Mornington road where they lived for some time until they moved to 19 North Avenue during the floods. Family history is so interesting. Thank you for your time and comments Martin all of which are noted .

    By Mary Stone (07/05/2020)
  • Now that brings up more interesting information.

    if you contact me on martinlepley@gmail.com I can share some more information.

    By Martin Lepley (07/05/2020)

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