An Old Round Hut


No idea where this was. Taken c1970. Any guesses?

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  • There were once two of these “round houses” in Waalwyk Rd,they were believed to have dated from around the first world war.

    By Ian Newman (29/07/2016)
  • Hello

    I knew the people who lived in one of them in Waalwyck drive as a holiday place. It was called “Narcissus”

    People mistakenly call them Nissen huts which they are not but I have forgotten their official name.



    By sparrow (29/07/2016)
  • There were 2 like this at Waalwyk drive, (70’s) they were next to each other and called ‘Mutt’ and ‘Jeff’

    By Lisa (02/12/2020)
  • Hi,
    Yes Sparrow, my Dad always used to refer to them as Nissen huts obviously wrong as we now know they are long half -oval shaped things also made of corrugated iron. Probably one of them was at the rear of Nightingales and I think I’ve read on the Archive it was constructed by the Army to hold extra stores for the troops on the Gunsight.
    Passing on info I got some time ago from the Canvey War Museum-Mutt & Jeff are knicknames for two WW 1 war medals. Also there was another one of these round huts next door to the 1914 Star cafe on the seafront. Is it possible that this one was ‘Pip’ as that is the knickname for that medal ?

    By Graham (02/12/2020)
  • In the 1920s there were several constructions on Canvey called “Nissen Huts”.

    During WW1, the Local Home guard were busy building “Hutments” on Canvey Island. I cannot say whether these “Nissen Huts” were the same.

    By Martin Lepley (02/12/2020)
  • Thanks Martin that info about these things might clear up a question I ‘ve had on my mind for a long time. G.

    By Graham (05/12/2020)

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