'Bondholm' and 'Bondina' in Vanderwalt Avenue

Taken in 2003

Both properties look as if they need some tlc. Are they still standing?

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  • These properties were owned by the Muggletons family and the Baker family. They have now been pulled down. New houses are being built on the site including the old doctors surgery on the right of this road.

    By Joan Liddiard (15/08/2014)
  • The Boobyer family lived on the left-hand side of Vandervelt in a bungalow that must have been next door to Bondholm. I think originally there were to more properties of similar construction which were next door to Bondina, backing onto Westerland Ave. These were replaced by the doctor’s surgery in the 80s I think. My most poignant memory of this little cul-de-sac goes back to my telegram delivering days c1954/5 when I delivered a telegram to a lady, in one of those houses, with the good news that her husband had been released from a POW camp in Korea.

    By Graham Stevens (17/08/2014)
  • Thank you for the photo’s and the story.  I live in Vanderwalt Avenue in Bondville which was to the left of Bondholm.. Can anybody remember if the houses that were on the site of the old Dr’s surgery were also Bond named houses? curious?

    By Alison M (09/04/2016)
  • Yes it was called Bondiam it was where the doctors were it belonged to The Davies family , at the side of it opposite Bondholm was a big white house which belonged to Mrs Ethrington who also owned a flat above the launderette

    By jacquelyn G soper (23/09/2021)

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