'Haven', Telese Avenue

Old Bungalow 2003

John Pharro
Little change 2009

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  • The Frost family lived here from sometime in the early 50’s. I knew Ann and Peter (twins) from Leigh beck School and stayed very good friends with them. Not sure if any of the family still live there

    By Joan Liddiard (10/08/2014)
  • Hi Joan & all

    I had lived opposite the Frosts at No 14 for 26 years until 1990 when I moved to Benfleet having previously lived in Crescent Road from 1945 and knew the family extremely well and know that George  and his wife lived there until their deaths and that Ann still lives in a bungalow that was built in the garden of the The Haven in Teramo Avenue .The Old bungalow has now only recently been replaced by a new MODERN style bungalow. No recent pics.

    Amazing that the family must have lived in that old bungalow for something like 65 years in very basic conditions.


    Alan hardy  

    By Alan Hardy (11/07/2015)
  • I was born and lived opposite Haven in Telese Avenue from 1966.. then moved to Handel Road in 1973. My Dad and Grandad built 10 Telese Avenue. My Uncle Alan (above, lived next door) Mrs Frost used to hand paint metal toy soldiers and I played with her Grandchildren Danny & Sharon Frost during the 70s.

    By Alyson Deering (03/05/2021)

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