Two Old Bungalows Hassel Road

Taken 2003

Hassel Road 2003

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  • I was actually born in this bungalow 67 years ago. It is called Hassell Lodge

    By Sue Williams (02/08/2018)
  • Which one Sue there are two bungalows on this page.

    By Janet Penn (02/08/2018)
  • Sorry should have said the bungalow at the bottom.  I was born there and my grand parents moved to Kariarma which was the name of the second bungalow.  My Grandfather was the gravedigger at St Anne’s Church.

    By Sue Williams (02/08/2018)
  • My Mum lived in Hassel Lodge (Top photo) Mid Late 30s/40’s & 50s.. during the ’53 Flood they moved next door into Kariarma for awhile because it was slightly higher..
    Mrs Laura Jane Blackmore
    Mr.Walter (Wally) Blackmore
    Jean Blackmore (Sue William’s Mum – my cousin)
    Sheila Blackmore (my Mum)

    By Alyson Deering (03/05/2021)

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