Komberg Villa, Komberg Crescent

From Colin Letchford

This is Colin’s home about the time of the floods. It has 31st January 1953 on the back. So was this taken just after the floods? We are not sure.

Dated 31st January 1953 on the back
Colin Letchford
An enlargement of the area where I think shows sandbags
Same place some years later with the road made up, a house next door and an upstairs room in the attic.
Colin Letchford
The same place today. The old bungalow gone but the house next door is still there.

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  • I am almost sure that the date is wrong, it is most proberly several days or weeks after the floods as the Island was still covered with water. Unless it was taken on the 31st before the floods.

    By Carol Norman (nee Macquarie) (24/01/2014)
  • I think it is after the flood. That amount of damage right by the seawall surely would not have been there before the flood and are those sandbags i can see?

    By Janet Penn (24/01/2014)
  • I think that you are right Janet. This area looks very similar to where myself and many others cut chanels to drain the Island at low tides and quickly build temporary walls with sand-bags. Lots of memories as the 61st anniversary of the flood will soon pass. Amazing how that particular corner has changed!!! Great archival pictures.

    By Gerald Hudson (24/01/2014)
  • Hi Janet, I am not to sure about the “Sandbags” I have enlarged the photo and am unable to see if it is or not…it could also be where the hole was dug to fill in a gap …Oh well I dont suppose we will ever know!!…..

    By Carol Norman (nee Macquarie) (24/01/2014)
  • I have some brand new never seen before pictures from the area taken during the cleanup. I shall be publishing them on the 1st Feb. So keep a look out.

    By Janet Penn (24/01/2014)

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