Trevia Avenue and Foksville Road

1949 aerial view

Aerial view of the area around Trevia Ave and Foksville Road in 1949. Trevia Ave and all the properties in the immediate area were demolished to make way for the Knightswick Centre.

You can see the back of Alterman’s Archade in the High Street. Top left hand corner you can see the old buildings that are still there on the corner of Waarden Road. You can just about make out Strutts Corner on the left. I can see the old bank building.

What else can you identify? Please comment below.

Looking east down Foksville Road 1973
Steve Bullock
Rear entrance to what was Alterman's Arcarde in Trevia
Steve Bullock

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  • The single-storey white building (lower centre) was owned in the late 50s by Bert Groom. He sold second-hand furniture, and all sorts of things. As I write this, I can look at the Victorian music chest that my wife and I bought from him in 1969; it still looks nice!

    By Steve Licences (16/03/2021)
  • Centre left is the clinic, and to the left of that under the trees is Freimullers the florist

    By robin howie (17/03/2021)
  • Yep, totally agree with you guys. Although it took me few mins to locate the Clinic as I could only remember the frontage. As the photo is 1949 it is quite possible the long white building was still the Premier Club? What is interesting to me is the Clifton Stores site (as this is 1949 Altermans Arcade had not arrived) my wife’s Mum and her family during the latter War years lived at Clifton Stores and I had wrongly assumed it was in a flat above, however seeing this photo I can now see there was a small bungalow or annexe attached to the rear of the main building. G.

    By Graham (19/03/2021)

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