A Durbin and Son 1928

Butchers Lakeside Corner

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  • A. Durbin was Arthur Sidney George Durbin, one of my grandfather’s first cousins. He was born in 1877 in Southall, so in the far west of Greater London. But his parents finally settled in the Balham area of South London around 1910. And that’s where Arthur’s brothers and sisters remained for the rest of their lives. So why Arthur was the exception and moved all the way to Canvey Island, which was around 1928, is a bit of a mystery.

    His first butcher’s shop in Canvey must have been the one at Lakeside Corner shown in the ad. The family was living in Focksville Road at the time it seems according to the electoral register. But by the late 1930s it looks as though the family moved to Furtherwick Road and the business address became 9 Furtherwick Parade. I wish I had some photos.

    Arthur married a publican’s daughter, Elizabeth, in Hoxton in 1901 and they had a couple of sons, Ernest and Cyril, and a daughter Lily. I think Ernest must be the relevant son in the “A. Durbin & Son” ad. A register drawn up in 1939 shows the family living at 30 Furtherwick Road with Arthur described as a master butcher, Elizabeth as butcher’s cashier and Ernest as butcher’s assistant. Neither son ever married it seems. The daughter Lily did however and I believe there may still be descendants living in Essex.

    Lily incidentally must be the “Durbin Lilian (Miss), ladies’ hairdrssr. High st” shown in the Kelly’s Directory of Essex 1929 reproduced on the website. I’ve found her 10 years later in that 1939 register referred to above, now under her married name, and she is described as a “master hairdresser”.

    By Peter Durbin (11/11/2022)
  • We have a picture of his wife, Elizabeth.

    By Janet Penn (11/11/2022)
  • Hi Peter. In the 1960s Johnny Durban was working in the shop and his Dad , guess that that must be Arthur, was there as well. I think John carried on with business for a while and I can’t be specific about dates. I think he might have sold it to Fred Caring in the late 60s( sorry ! a bit vague about this) perhaps somebody might have more accurate info!
    Only photos I can find are on the pages re Quenby’s Chemist next door to the shop. One is from 1936 and my Dad’s bread delivery cart has half obscured it but you can see the ‘BIN’ on the facia. The other one is from 2009 when Fred had the business and I think his family are still running it today.
    When John was there he used to muck about and but a pig’s head in the window wearing dark glasses and with an apple stuck in it’s mouth.😀😎 🐷 Graham Steven
    PS Lillian’s Hairdresses was 3 doors down towards the Haystack.

    By Graham (11/11/2022)
  • It wouldn’t be Arthur in the 1960s he died in 1956.

    By Janet Penn (11/11/2022)

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