Snowy Canvey in 1963.

Tewkes Road

These photos of Tewkes Road were taken in an especially cold February 1963 .

Looking South
George Beecham
Looking North towards seawall. Castle View bungalow on the left.
George Beecham
Looking towards the seawall. Castle view bungalow on the left. View seen from the upstairs of George's home.
George Beecham

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  • Drove to Canvey from Lancashire the last weekend of 1962, and hit the snow around Cambridge. By the time, 4 or so hours later, that we got to Canvey Reg Stevens, the Surveyor, and a team were just about managing to keep Northwick Corner open! The roads were very treacherous, but we had a front wheel drive Mini which was superb in the snow.

    By Miall James (05/06/2021)

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