Frozen Creek

What year did the creek freeze over?

Answer 1940. This is a photo by Horace Reed of Benfleet Creek.

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  • 1963

    By Ian Day (05/11/2022)
  • Yes, I agree! My mate Alan Clark took photos of the frozen Benfleet Creek on the same day as he took one of me in my bakery van at the top of Holehaven Rd. Graham.

    By Graham Stevens (08/11/2022)
  • Sorry Graham it’s before your time. It’s 1940.

    By Janet Penn (08/11/2022)
  • OK Jan,
    Actually the ice wasn’t so tightly packed in the photo that Clarkie took and I think he took it from the Canvey side.🙂👍.

    By Graham (08/11/2022)

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