Concord Beach Paddling Pool & Lighthouse

From the Family Photo Album

Paddling Pool
(c) David Bullock

Here we see some of the authors relatives by the Concord Beach Paddling pool in 1958. In the background you can see the Chapman Lighthouse partially dismantled.

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  • As I recall it wasn’t called Concorde Beach until 70s/80s.  Up until then it was “Shell Beach” – Hence Shell Beach Road.

    By Harry Mount (07/03/2019)
  • It’s the small pool at Chapman jetty sea view road, that’s now damaged,

    By Gary Foulger (14/01/2022)
  • I agree with Gary! The other side of that groyne is where the ‘Canvey Monster’ washed up. Graham Stevens.

    By Graham (14/01/2022)
  • Just behind in photo are the cement barrels from SS benmohr,6th Feb 1902, that’s the mound in photo, I think put there from salvage??? For Hester projects, in area,

    By Gary Foulger (14/01/2022)
  • Yes I agree with Gary 14/1/22 regard the position of this paddling pool it’s the paddling pool at the bottom of Seaview road next the chapman jetty (soon to be demolished ) considering the state of lighthouse demolition which started in 1957 and completed in 58 the photos age appears to be 1958 ish
    However, I disagree with Graham. 14/1/22 I am one of the people that witnessed the ‘Canvey monster,’ (a large greenish/grey coloured lump that was washed -up/ caught? and resembled a small angler- fish without its fish lure). I recall it washed up on the river- seaward side at hole haven deep water terminal adjacent what I believe was Total oil jetty behind the old coastguard cottages opposite the lobster smack Obviously it was treated like UFO’s are nowadays. Hence witnesses are very reluctant to come forward.

    By Thom (24/02/2023)

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