Doreen's Snack Bar

Lent to us by Jay and Bill Blissett

These photos were taken in the 1960s at Doreen’s Snack Bar. Doreen was Bill Blissett’s mother.

The snack bar was down the seafront if I have remembered correctly what Jay told me.

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  • I used to deliver all the bakery goods to Doreen then and to the Coleys as well,before she had the snack bar. Couldn’t even count the thousands of bread rolls I must have delivered down the Sea Front in the 60s/70s to Morrie Kay’s restaurants, Mrs Smiths hot dogs kiosk et al.🤔😀

    By Graham Stevens (27/01/2023)
  • I used to love going to Doreen’s snack bar in the arcade when I was very young, My dear late nan would take up the front all day crabbing , in our dinghy’s etc then we’d go over to Doreen’s for hot sausage rolls and drinks etc she was a lovely friendly woman who went out of her way to talk to customers etc she almost part of the family that’s how very friendly she was, a lovely lady!!! 💯😎👍

    By Marc Slowey (31/01/2024)

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