St Hugh to Riverside Cafe

The Baker family

Early 40s
Enhanced and enlargement of the bottom right of the above picture. You can just make out Beach House.
Early 40s another view
After the Baker family moved in they converted downstairs into a cafe and made a flat in the roof changing the name to Riverside Cafe.
The cafe during the floods
The buildings on the plot today

In 1945 my parents and grandparents moved to ‘St Hugh’.

My grandparents, Mr and Mrs Baker, converted part of the ground floor into a café in the late 40s early 50s and a caravan park to the rear.

My parents lived on the first floor. Dad converted the roof space into a flat not long after moving in.

It was sold in 1957 to Mrs Lacey.

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  • Are you the Les I knew at Leigh Beck primary? I used to visit Riverside Café on the way home from school. You would give me shoulder rides in the school playgrounds.

    By Michael Thickbroom (19/01/2020)
  • Yes I am, from memory you were rather shorter than me.
    Do you still live on Canvey?

    By Leslie Baker (12/01/2021)

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