Canvey Village

Cowell Family snaps from the 20's part 2

Bob Jennings at Fred Cook's Farm
Joyce Cowell
Bob Jenning's beehives in Village Drive
Joyce Cowell
Bob Jennings delivering milk
Joyce Cowell
Well before the advent of tractors a horse-drawn haywain
Joyce Cowell
Busy building a haystack with the hay brought by the haywain. A reminder of this is to be found in the name of the Haystack pub on the corner of Long Road and Furtherwick Road.
Joyce Cowell

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  • The bee hives were originally owned by Walter Jennings. They came into Robert (Bob’s) possession when Walter passed away. The house behind the beehives was lived in by the Neven family. It is likely that the two children on the hay cart are Bob’s two eldest children. ( as related by John Pratt, son-in-law of Bob. John lived on Canvey Island from 1939-1964).

    By Sarah Pratt (24/01/2018)

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