Demolishing Village Shops

Mid 1980s?

Photographer unknown

The row of shops before demolition

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  • Remember  a few of these shops, the Fish shop around this time was run by a rather tall well built fellow, he still wrapped the Fish & Chips the old fashioned way using newspaper (possibly before that practice became illegal), plus as I recall there was a shop in the parade run by two elderly ladies which sold Bread & Cakes (among other things) think it may have been directly or indirectly connected with Hadleigh Bakery as they did not possess baking facilities on this premises, Gerry’s was in another shop in the parade that sold paraffin and other useful bits and bobs (possibly tools). When the parade was demolished he moved into one of the shops in the newly constructed Jones Parade of shops near Denham Road & expanded it into a form of ironmongers which he ran along with his wife for a few years.

    By Peter Wonnacott (01/11/2017)
  • In response to the comment above. I think the owner of Gerry’s moved out sometime before the parade was demolished. I remember Genevieve’s Pet Shop moving into that end-shop from Haven Rd. probably around ’82/’83. The pet shop was on the ground floor and upstairs were a number of arcade machines.

    By Matt Watson (15/01/2018)
  • There was also the butchers and greengrocers.

    By Janet Penn (16/07/2020)

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