Winter Gardens Coronation Party


Information supplied by Valerie Deane.

Life on the winter Gardens was very different from today, we knew everyone.

I have been looking through this photo and have managed to name many, but if anyone can help with the other names it would be appreciated. Thank you.

Back row: Tom Giddings (Teacher at Canvey County)-Mr Elliott-Mrs Jones (my Mum)-Mrs Eves-Mrs Jobson-MrJobson-Mrs Pullen(Capt.3rd Canvey Life Brigade)-Mrs Wooding-Mrs Clarke-Mrs Burford-Mrs Juler?-Mr Murtell-Mrs Connor- Mr Connor -?-?-Mrs Glennie-Mrs Glennie Snr-Mrs Leach-Farmer Leach-Mrs Pullen Snr-?-Mrs Murtell-?-Mr Salkeld-Mrs Salkeld(whose garden the party was in was just off Winter Gardens path)

Left seated:Annette Furnell- Carol Chapman-Barbara Wooding-Valerie Jones-Sylvia Pullen (holding) Jean Pullen- Anne Glennie-Derek Hall-Billy Russell-David Hicks-Brian Moyse-?-

Opposite:Sue Dalton-Laurie?-Anita Juler-Carol Godfrey-Bobby Astell-Alan Chapman-Steve Fryer-Jonathon Pratt

4th Row:-?-Janet Hocking-Sheila Connor-Eileen Chapman-Joyce Long-Eunice Juler-Daphne Long- Cynthia Glennie-Derrin Moyse-Gill Giddings-Jennifer Burford

The Long twins in the picture came to England to appear in the ‘King an I’ in London.

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Valerie Dean

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  • Hello Valerie, How amazing to see this photo, and to see myself at the age of 6. Also to see my granny. Do you remember my mum and dad Doris and Ted Burford? Sadly my dad died in 1975 and my mum in 2010.

    By Jennifer Ann Leach (Burford) (03/03/2020)
  • Hello Jennifer,
    Yes, I remember you ( a quiet and shy girl) and I remember your family. With regard to the photo I do know that Ann Glennie lives in Suffolk, Sylvia and Jean Pullen, Steve Fryer and myself still on the Island. Derek Hall lives in Rayleigh. But sadly looking thru the photo a lot no longer with us. Nice of your response.
    Valerie (Jones)

    By Valerie Deane (06/04/2020)
  • Hello Valerie Lots of the faces are very familiar. We lived in Central Ave. near to Lunns Stores. Mum and Dad Milly and Ron Crickmay have sadly passed away. Your brother Trevor used to play with my Cousins Robert and Royce from London.

    By Pat Hopkins (Crickmay) (31/12/2021)
  • Hi Jennifer, nee Burford, my name is Margaret Stevens, nee Pollock. We used to play together and our mums and dads were great friends. I lived at Rosemary on Somnes Ave when it was just a track and remember coming round to your house in Central avenue to play. Sorry to hear that Teddy and Doris have passed. My dad George died in 1998 and my mum Lily in 2012. I live in Elmswell near Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk. I recognised a lot of the names in the coronation photo. Great memories.

    By Margaret Stevens (01/01/2022)

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