Cornelius Vermuyden 1989/90

Mabbutt House School Leavers 1989/90

The fifth year school leavers, taken in 1989/90. (this would be year 11 today) They would take the photos of each House’s fifth year and these would be displayed on the walls of the House Leaders office.  There would have been a photo taken of the school leavers from Houghton House and Morgan House also.

I think it was taken in the Dinning Room can anyone confirm.

top row (left to right)
Paul Bagley, Nicolas Wisbey, don’t know, Terry Watson, Matt Norris,  Glen Collins, Kathleen Mcdonagh, Nicola Hurst, Nicola Murray, Karley Finn, Suzanne Wilkins, Stacey Aicken

second row (left to right)
Anna Bailey, Sarah Harrison, Kelly Skates, Adam Reed, Matthew Carless, Ian Mayhew, Clive Cheese, Darren Wagner, don’t know, don’t know, Mark Setters, Angela Harding, Louise Welch

third row
Philip (can’t remember surname), don’t know, don’t know, don’t know, Anna Bugden, Lisa Pearson, Samantha Warr, Clare Cox, don’t know, Danielle Binks, Simon Curtis, Steven Wilkins, Christian Speller

front row
Lesley Penn, don’t know, Tanya Day, Donna Watling, Dawn Shrimpton, Mr Mabbutt, Mrs Clayton, don’t know, Lee Williams, Matthew Hutt, don’t know and then last but not least Dale Martin.

Thanks to Tanya Day for the photograph and thanks to Lisa Pearson for helping Lesley Penn name all these people.

Can you fill in the gaps? If so please comment below.

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  • left of me was neal Williams not lee, sweet picture though

    By Matthew Hutt (03/11/2009)
  • This picture looks as if it was taken in the PSD room on the first floor of the library block – opposite room 53, my maths room!

    By Mrs Davies (20/03/2010)
  • top row 3rd in from the left is paul inns, my old pal.

    By billy smith (10/12/2010)
  • The person in second row 9 in is David bastable . Last row 11 in i think is scott purser.

    By bastable (30/01/2011)
  • It is definetly the PSD room in E block – everyone had their end of school photo taken in there. It was opposite Mabbutt’s office and Mr Wozinaki’s classroom and next to Mr harrington’s history classroom.

    By David Harvey (17/03/2019)

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