Exploring Canvey Island

March - May 2009

Before arriving on Canvey Island for the artist residency at Cornelius Vermuyden School I had been researching as much as I could find about the geography, the wildlife and the Island’s history. It was in March that I arrived on my bicycle for my first reconnaissance, along with meetings to organise the finer details about the project.

Tidal paddling pool

I explored the Island over the next two months with the glee of a tourist discovering places I had already read about or seen pictures of. Many of my mental images had been created from the Canvey Island Archive; I had a romantic vision of sepia wooden holiday bungalows and seaside fun. As a traveller you often find what you are looking for and I think many of the photographs I have taken have a slightly nostalgic focus.

The Labworth Cafe

If anyone has any comments or information about the pictures I would be very interested.

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  • These are great Vanessa. Thanks for adding them to the site

    By Janet Penn (18/08/2009)
  • These horses are all that is left from the old 1930’s Canvey Casino

    By David Bullock (18/08/2009)

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